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Vol. 10 / Issue 50 / June 28 2007

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The five inner chambers in Hell

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Standing in the Gap - Fasting prayer on 8th Dec.. 2015

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Through the Valley of Death

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By Sherly Isaac

We read in 2 Kings 3rd chapter that the king of Moab came to fight against Israel. So the king of Israel called the kings of Judah and Edom to go with him to fight against Moab. When they went to fight, there was no water and so they asked Elisha the prophet to inquire of God. They got the word from God that they will find water and that they will get victory as well.

Later on it turned out that the Israelites started to win the battle and Moab began to lose their battle. When the king of Moab saw that the battle was too intense for him, he took with him seven hundred men who drew swords, to break through to the king of Edom, but they could not. Then he sacrificed his son as we read in 2 Ki 3:27, “Then he took his eldest son who would have reigned in his place, and offered him as a burnt offering upon the wall; and there was great indignation against Israel. So they departed from him and returned to their own land.”

He took this drastic step just to win the war and to find favor with his gods. You can see how people take wrong steps just to have good things in their lives.

Once I read a true story of a man who had no peace in his heart. He tried so many things and visited too many religious places to find peace but of no avail. One day someone suggested to go and visit a satanic temple where he could find peace in his life. He went and the priest made him to sit before the altar. He asked him to cut one of his fingers and pour the blood on the altar. The man cut his finger and poured blood on the altar. He did not get any peace; instead he got immense pain. The priest told him, if you still don’t have peace then you need to cut another finger of your hand. The man wanted peace at any cost, so he obeyed the voice of the priest and cut another finger and poured the blood on the altar.

Now, he could not bear the pain. He started screaming and ran away from satan’s temple. As he was running and screaming a passer by asked him, what the matter was. He told the whole story. The man listened carefully then told him about Jesus who took all our sins on Himself. He said, “you do not need to do sacrifice because Jesus already shed His precious blood on the cross instead you need to accept Him in your heart.” Right then and there the man knelt down and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Great peace filled his heart for which he was searching for long even losing his fingers.

For getting peace people do so many things, they work hard, and they torture their bodies, yet they do not find peace. But if you turn to Jesus, He will give you peace that passes all understanding. He promised in John 14:27 "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Are you searching for peace? Come to Jesus and give your life to Him. He will give you peace.

The five inner chambers in Hell

By D. John Rabindranath

I had been praying very sincerely to know about the place "Hell". Whenever I read the Holy Bible I was very much disturbed in my heart about this verse.

Deut 32:22, "Burn unto the lowest hell."

I used to think of the compassion of Christ. And it is a fact, that Christ had healed the multitude with His divine compassion. How is it possible for the living Christ to throw His own children into the Hell of fire? I could not comprehend with my own knowledge and wisdom.

For about 16 days I had been fasting and praying. On the 17th day I became extremely weak in the flesh. The angel of God appeared before me. He was enveloped in the glorious light. As I had already seen innumerable angels in my life it was not strange to see him. But this particular angel came near me and said unto me, "My son you had the burning desire to see the hell of fire tormenting the wicked people who had rejected the living testimony of Christ. I am commissioned by the living God to show you the five inner chambers of hell. Come with me. I shall show you all the chambers of the Hades in the bottomless pit where the people are being tormented day and night." I felt extremely ashamed of myself, as I did not believe the literal hell of fire. The angel took me to a remote place. There was a very big tunnel with a huge covering. No sooner we reached the place the biggest stone rolled away automatically without any effort of the angel of God. The angel said to me, "Fear not my son Rabi. Come with me. I will take you." It was a huge tunnel and there were flinty rocks on all the sides.

As I was taken that way I was very much afraid of the darkness encircling me. The angel told me, "Fear not my son! I shall be with you." It is only because of the divine light encircling the holy angel we were able to walk in the narrow gate. In certain places it was very slippery.

Oh, it was so terrible. I heard the groaning of human beings. The cries of the multitude were increasing. Still we were going down deep. The groaning voice was increasing. Oh, it was so terrible that I trembled. Repeatedly the angel of God strengthened me and asked me to be strong. I remembered the golden verse, "The great day of the Lord is near, it is near, and hastens greatly, even the voice of the day of the Lord: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly." (Zephaniah 1:14)

There is no peace, no happiness and no rest in that place and I could only see the smoke, fire, nakedness and scourging with the whips. It was so terrible which I wish to explain to you in detail.

The first Chamber - Those who had committed Suicide:

These were the people who had committed suicide. After many hours we reached this big chamber. I had already read many books including the Holy Bible how the people are being tormented day and night without rest. But it was so terrible for me to see something anew which can't be explained through human mouth. I can't tell more than what I have seen in the first chamber. If the Lord would have shown me everything I would have become mad in the presence of God.

It was a very huge chamber and many millions of people were bound by the chains as we see the prisoners of war. These people were all bound in the chamber. And the tears were flowing from their eyes. And they were lamenting like small children. They could not go anywhere as they pleased. Almost all these people were naked. I felt extremely sad I could not bear it. I asked the angel the reason why they had committed suicide. The angel explained to me how these people were emboldened to commit this heinous crime of committing suicide as they had committed secret sins in their lives. Many of them were crying like this: "How have I hated instruction, and my heart despised reproof; And have not obeyed the voice of my teachers, nor inclined mine ear to them that instructed me!"

Dearly beloved ones in Christ, I am writing this with the great fear of God that none of you should enter into the hell of fire where the people are being tormented increasingly. You think that you would be free from the trails and tribulations of this world. But the tribulations in the hell of fire would be more than thousand fold. Please don't think that your afflictions would cease after death. Committing suicide is to reject the love of Christ.

"And he cast down the pieces of silver in the temple and departed, and went and hanged himself." (Mathew 27:5). In the Old Testament Saul, the king of Israel committed suicide and he died on his own sword (1 Samuel 31:4).

I would like to share one more secret with you. I don't wish to threaten you or disturb your feelings. I asked the angel of God whether it was the end of these dear people who came into the hell of fire because I thought they would be suffering like this throughout their lives. And the angle said with great grief that they would be in this particular chamber until the Lord would be seated on the white throne to judge the people. "And I saw the dead, small and great, standing before God, and books were opened. And another book was opened, which is the Book of Life. And the dead were judged according to their works, by the things which were written in the books. And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire. (Rev 20:12 , 15).

The Second Chamber - My forefathers are being tormented day and night without rest:

The angel of God asked me to accompany him to the second chamber which was opened before us as the big door was opened automatically.

No sooner I entered into the portal, I heard the terrible voices of the people who were blind leaders taking the flocks to the tormenting place. These people knew very well that they were doing wrong in the society but they were bold enough to take the flocks to the hell fire. In this particular part of hell there are many priests who had misguided the people and the suffering in this part of the hell was more than that of the suffering, which were experienced by the people in the first chamber.

Then I wept bitterly like a child and all the people there were shouting and screaming and saying, "We committed a great blunder, great sins, and presumptuous sins." When I asked the angel of God about them and the reason for the fire the angel said, "They had deceived the poor people by creating gods of their own imagination." (Acts 19:27). God created man, but men were emboldened to create many gods of their own choice. They knew very well they were doing abomination but their hearts were hardened to commit this crime of creating many gods of their own. Every minute they were jumping from one place to another because they were bound by seven chains of darkness.

Rev 21:8, "But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death."

I was shocked to see my own great grandfathers whom I had seen on this earth. And some grandfathers of my family who had rejected Christ Jesus were also being tormented and they were crying bitterly. Then I asked the angel, "Dear angel, God is the most loving God. Please allow my grandfathers to come out of the chains of darkness. I can't bear my own people suffering like this." And the angel said, "My son, the days of grace are closed for them. The Lord gave them grace, time to be transformed, translated and transfigured by the Spirit of the Most High God, the living epistles of Christ, the word of power, peace and authority. But they hated the word of God (II Peter chapter 2).

Hosea 8:12 says, "I have written for him the great things of My law, But they were considered a strange thing."

They thought they were great people. I cried like a child. I was anxious to help them but the angel did not permit me to go near them. He told me, "My son, God hath commanded me to show you these things. Even if you go to earth and tell these things, the people will not accept these things and they will get angry and they will revile against you. You are living in the world of darkness, strife, emulation, heresy, sedition, commotion and confusion. You want to show compassion to your great - grandfathers but they created gods and rejected the grace of God. Now they can't find the real solace and peace. The day of grace is over for them. That is why Christ gave the severe warning. John 9:4 "I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work."

The Third chamber:
I was taken to the third chamber. The third chamber was pitch dark and no one was able to see one another and the suffering and agony were more than double of the first two chambers. Oh it was so terrible to see through the light of the angel otherwise I would not have seen anything. They were all bound by the chains of darkness and then I remembered, how when on earth I had read the 9th chapter of Revelation more than 1000 times and yet I never believed that one third of the population of the whole world would suffer the tormenting fire, smoke and brimstone. Rev 9:18 says, "By these three plagues a third of mankind was killed; by the fire and the smoke and the brimstone which came out of their mouths."

When I asked the angel about the secret of this third chamber, he explained to me like this. In the previous two chambers the people had committed sins on account of the sins of ignorance, whereas the people in the third chamber had conspired and killed the hearts of many to commit more sins. Most of them were in drunkenness who were intoxicated by the liquor though they knew very well that it was an abomination. They had committed adultery and that they had built cinema theatres to earn money. Isa 5:11, "Woe to those who rise early in the morning, That they may follow intoxicating drink; Who continue until night, till wine inflames them!" Prov 23:29 -32, "Who has woe? Who has sorrow? Who has contentions? Who has complaints? Who has wounds without cause? Who has redness of eyes?"

Those who linger long at the wine, Those who go in search of mixed wine. Do not look on the wine when it is red, When it sparkles in the cup, When it swirls around smoothly; At the last it bites like a serpent, And stings like a viper."

Moreover these people built cinema theatres to defile the millions of people who were very poor and the cinema actors had drunk the blood of the poor and the actors became very rich because the poor people had been going to the cinema theatres to enjoy the pleasures of the world. The poor became poorer and poorer where as the cinema actors became richer and richer and the evil spirits who had enticed these cinema actors were also bound by the chains of darkness on another side. It was a great wonder that the fallen angles were bound by the chains in the underworld. they had deceived the world by brining forth fornication, adultery, lavishness, lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh and the pride of life.

After seeing the third chamber I told the angel that I would like to return back to the earth from the hell of the underworld. And the angel said, I wish to show you the fourth chamber. Fear not! I shall be with you and I shall not forsake you. And I caught hold of him very firmly as I was trembling with great fear. The tears were flowing from my eyes after seeing the third chamber. And I was praying like this, "Heavenly Father, please don't allow anybody to come into this third chamber. Even if the people would spit on my face and even if they would scourge me I am prepared to accept all the sufferings for the sake of my dear people. My Lord Christ you had suffered on the cross for the redemption of the world and you became the Lamb of God. After all I am like an ordinary street dog. Let me suffer in the name of Christ and I don't want my dear people to suffer in the chamber.

'Fiver inner chambers in Hell' is taken from the book titled "HELL - A Real place of eternal torment and NO- Return" by Pastor Paul David Silway. This book contains a collection of more than 35 real life stories of people and their eye witness accounts of Hell.

To be continued in next issue …….

Standing in the Gap - Fasting prayer on 8th Dec.. 2015

As the Bible says in Ezekiel 22:30 "So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it." And also the Bible says in Numbers 16:48, "And he (Aaron) stood between the dead and the living; so the plague was stopped." We have fasting prayer every second Tuesday of each month. Our next fasting prayer meeting will be conducted on 16th Nov. 2015

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