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Vol. 5 / Issue 5 / August 16 2001

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Wonder working power in the Blood of Jesus

God who defends our case

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Standing in the Gap - Fasting prayer on 8th Dec.. 2015

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We attended a couple of meetings where some Indian preachers came and shared their experiences of judgment of God. I want to illustrate two examples here.

One preacher said that he was in hit list of Hindu extremist from 1997. In 1997 he got a mail which was written with blood, asking him to leave India before 31st Aug. and that otherwise he would be murdered. His next door neighbor was a Hindu and was always creating problems for him and his family members. Very often the Hindu neighbor told the preacher's father that, "just like we cut cake in pieces, in the same manner your son will be chopped off one day." Well, they fasted and prayed for 21 days. One day God told through a prophet that, "your deliverance has come." Few moments later they heard the news that the same neighbor, who threatened and created problem, committed suicide.

How sad it is to know that a man stood against God's people and perished. It is not a joke to stand against God's people. We read in the Old Testament about Elisha who was mocked by some young people and the consequences of it in 2 Kings 2:23-24, "Then he went up from there to Bethel; and as he was going up the road, some youths came from the city and mocked him, and said to him, "Go up, you baldhead! Go up, you baldhead!" So he turned around and looked at them, and pronounced a curse on them in the name of the LORD. And two female bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths."

As I said last week, many Christians were tortured and murdered in Gujarat, India, and they got back in same measure what they did to others. Many died in the Gujarat earth quake and among those who survived more than 90% of the people had irrecoverable damage in their hands and legs so that Doctors had no other choice except to chop off their hands and legs. Many were buried alive in their homes. I could not control my tears when I read about two young men who had no big equipment to dig their home. They tried to dig their home by their hands and with a few small equipments. Three days later they could dig out the dead body of their mother who was buried alive due to earth quake.

The other preacher is from Hindu background. When he came to Christ and embraced Christianity, one of his brothers got very angry and spoke against him. Finally the preacher said, "if you speak anything against the Bible or Gospel, God's judgment will come upon you." His brother said, "let me see what judgment is going to come upon me. Few days later he was admitted in the hospital with major problem in his lungs. Within few days he became very weak and pale but even then he did not repent. Days, months and years passed by, almost 15 years and later on one day he repented from his sins and turned to almighty God. Today he is living for Christ.

On the one side we see that one man did not repent and perished but on the other side a man repented from his sins and turned to God and get blessings of God. My friend, in which group are you? If you have done anything against God or God's people, repent from your sins and turn to God before it may be too late. If you turn to God, God will forgive and forget your sin and restore your life. Why take God's Judgment in your life? Choose life and blessing of God. Who can prevail standing against God? No one!

If you have any prayer request please feel free to send it to us. We will pray for you.
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Wonder working power in the Blood of Jesus

By Sheela Isaac

Heb 9:12, "Not with the blood of goats and calves, but with His (Jesus') own blood He entered the Most Holy Place once for all, having obtained eternal redemption".

Through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, He obtained eternal redemption for all of mankind or human race. He died once for all to obtain eternal salvation or redemption. Jesus did it for all of us but many do not know it. Many wrongly think that there are many ways to reach heaven, but it is unbiblical and totally wrong. Bible clearly says in:

Heb 9:22, "And according to the law almost all things are purified with blood, and without shedding of blood there is no remission.

You can not achieve salvation by means such as social work or by any good deeds. Let not Satan fool you. Bible again clearly says that our rituals and good works are like filthy rags in the sight of God. Isa 64:6, "But we are all like an unclean thing, And all our righteous nesses are like filthy rags;"

Whatever may be the things which look good in our eyes, whatever may be the rituals which may appear to be holy and perfect in our sight does not and can not please God. Because He is holy. He is most holy God and He does not accept those man made rituals and social work. He says that it is nothing but filthy and dirty rags. It may give pleasure to your heart for a while but can not give salvation. It may give you a little satisfaction with the feeling, "I am so and so and I am doing these many great things," but it can not save your soul from hell fire.

Salvation comes only through the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Amen!!!

Now let us see the different types of power in the blood of Jesus Christ.

1. Brings healing:
Blood of Jesus was shed on Calvary's cross so that we can receive healing - Healing in our soul, mind and body.

Once I read a real incidence. There was a mighty prophetess in India. Her name was Shesharatnamma. She came from a high cast Hindu (Brahmin) family. She was totally against Christianity. At the very early age she got tumor in her stomach. She did all kinds of rituals and all kinds of pujas (Hindu prayer). She visited many temples to receive healing but all her efforts were in vain. She suffered excessively because of this sickness and finally doctors left her to die since there was no cure for this sickness in those days. Mean while she heard about Christ and His healing power. But she refused to pray and she decided to die instead. But her husband begged to Jesus for her life. One night when she was in horrible pain and was dying she could see Jesus standing at her bed side. She got miraculous healing and later became a mighty preacher of the gospel.

It was one of the incidences which took place when she was praying. Lord said "I shed my blood for you, go and see and you will find my blood on floor". She went to see and she was surprised to see two drops of fresh blood on her floor.

There was another woman who was praying in her house. Lord spoke to her and said "what are you doing here? When my glory was revealed in Shesharatnamma's house why did you not go and see". So the woman came to her house to see what was happening and she marveled to see the things which God has spoken about.

The blood on the floor remained in the same way for two days and Lord again spoke to her to put that blood in clean bottle. So she did the same and later she applied that blood on many who came for her prayers for healing and many were healed of their sicknesses. That blood remained in bottle for a long time.

Yes, my friend, Blood of Jesus has that great power which brings healing and deliverance. If you believe you too can receive the same blessings in your life. Blood of Jesus Christ which was shed for you and me is still available. You can still receive your healing in your body, mind and soul.

2. Brings deliverance from Satan:
Satan and demons tremble at the name of Jesus Christ and His blood. Today many are involved in witchcraft and sorcery working to destroy others. They are so ignorant that they do not know that these are the powers of Satan and demons. They are so ignorant that they do not know that these powers are destroying their own lives and their own family instead of others against whom they work.

If you are involved in these kinds of things remember that you can never live peacefully. You can never enjoy peace and blessings of God in your life. You can never see healing and deliverance in your life. You will stay sick all the time. You will stay confused all the time. You will spend your days in fear and tears. Demons will take complete control of your home and one day it will entirely destroy you. If you are involved in such things, get rid of it. Repent from your sins and ask forgiveness of your sins. Blood of Jesus Christ will deliver you from the power of darkness and witchcraft.

Demons tremble at the very name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus. If you are going through trouble and pain, if you are facing constant sicknesses in your home, apply the blood of Jesus daily on your home, on your children, on yourself and you will see a great change in your life. Demons will flee from your home seeing the blood of Jesus. Before you go out of your home apply the blood of Jesus on you and you will find that Lord is protecting you all the time.

3. Brings escape from eternal death:
Finally blood of Jesus has cleansing power. It cleanseth us from all our sins. 1 John 1:7, "..........and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from all sin. Blood of Jesus is able to cleanse our lives of all unrighteousness. When you come to Calvary's cross, when you go through the crimson flow of Calvary, it wipes away all sin and guilt. It wipes away all the shameful, bitter and sinful past. It gives joy and peace that this world can not give.

Do you have that peace? Do you have that joy which stays forever. Whatever may come, whatever problems may come, whatever storms may come, the joy stays there. Jesus wants to give you this type of joy which the world and worldly things do not and can not give.

When we read the story of the deliverance of Israelites from the land of Egypt it thrills our souls. Isn't it? The great deliverance God brought for His people. They were all slaves in Egypt. Nobody could have ever imagined how more than 600,000 people could come out of that bitter slavery in a moment. It may be easy for one or two people to escape by chance but not for that many people. But God of Israel is able to do anything. He performed the mighty miracle. He sent ten plagues to deliver them. The last plague was death of every first born of Egypt.

Lord commanded the Israelites and said, "put the blood of the lamb on doorposts and lintel of the houses. I will pass through the land of Egypt on that night and will strike all the firstborn of man and beast. Where ever I will find blood I will leave that home and I will pass over you and destruction will not come to your home. But where ever I will not find blood I will destroy the firstborn of that household".

Exo 12:12, 'For I will pass through the land of Egypt on that night, and will strike all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both man and beast; and against all the gods of Egypt I will execute judgment: I am the LORD.'

Exo 12:13, 'Now the blood shall be a sign for you on the houses where you are. And when I see the blood, I will pass over you; and the plague shall not be on you to destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt.'

It happened exactly in the same way. Wherever the blood of the lamb was not found destruction struck them. The same thing is going to happen in the final judgment. Lord will judge both righteous and sinners. Then what will happen?

The person who will be found being not washed with the blood of the lamb (Jesus Christ) is going to receive eternal destruction. But on that day in whose hearts God will find the mark of the blood of Jesus Christ will be spared. He is going to separate two types of people. One is the blood washed group who is going to inherit eternal peace and happiness in heaven, while the other is without the mark of the blood of Jesus on their hearts like the Egyptians who are going to receive eternal damnation in hell.

Where do you stand today? Do you know for sure that your sins are forgiven? Do you know for sure that you have received the mark of the blood of Jesus in your heart? If not this is the time to get rid of that eternal hell and damnation. Jesus is ready to receive you. Will you pray this simple prayer from the bottom of your heart?

Lord Jesus I know that only through your blood I can receive salvation. I believe today that you died for me to save me from eternal destruction. You loved me so much that you never wanted me to perish. Have mercy on me. I am a sinner. Please forgive and forget my sins and wash away my sins in your precious blood. Cleanse me from all evil deeds and filthy life style. Wash away my sins Lord. Thank you for dying for me. Thank you for the great sacrifice made for me. Today I accept you as my Lord and Savior. I ask all these things in Jesus name.

Now I am going to pray for those who are sick. You can receive your healing by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Believe in Him and receive your healing right now.

Lord Jesus I pray for those who are sick. Heal each and every one of them. In the name of Jesus be healed. In the mighty name of Jesus receive your healing. Receive it in Jesus name. Those who are having diabetes receive your healing in the name of Jesus of Nazareth. God is healing you from diabetes. If you are having ear problem, any type of partial deafness, or total deafness, God is healing you. God is healing you. In the name of Jesus receive your healing. Diabetes is leaving, ear problem and deafness are leaving. In the name of Jesus be whole. Amen.

God who defends our case

By Sherly Isaac

Isaiah 31:5, "Like birds flying about, So will the LORD of hosts defend Jerusalem. Defending, He will also deliver it; Passing over, He will preserve it."

Yes, there is a God who defends us and defends our case. He not only defends us, but delivers us also. There is an accuser of us -devil who wants to accuse us and desires that we may be in misery and pain. He wants to cheat, steal, lie and destroy us. But my friend, God wants to defend us. God wants to restore to us what is stolen by the enemy. No matter how big may be the sins you might have committed, God wants to wash away all your sins, guilt and sinful nature. Bible tells us in John 8:36, "Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed."

Bible tells us in Hebrew 12:24, "to Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling that speaks better things than that of Abel."

Jesus is the mediator who pleads our case. When a person lives in sin and God could not see any goodness in him/her and when God thinks of cutting him/her off, Jesus pleads, "let us wait for one more year as we read in Luke 13:6-9, "He also spoke this parable: "A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came seeking fruit on it and found none. "Then he said to the keeper of his vineyard, 'Look, for three years I have come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none. Cut it down; why does it use up the ground?' But he answered and said to him, 'Sir, let it alone this year also, until I dig around it and fertilize it. 'And if it bears fruit, well. But if not, after that you can cut it down.'"

Yes, Jesus is pleading for you everyday, every moment that you may leave your wicked ways and turn to God. If your life is extended it is not because of your ability but because Jesus is pleading for you

The verse further says, "Passing over, He will preserve it."

Israelites were slaves in Egypt and Moses went to deliver them, but Pharaoh did not allow them to go. God sent plagues in that land and destroyed the land but it could not change the heart of Pharaoh. Finally God said to Moses, "I will send 10th and last plague by which destroyer will come and kill every first born of Egypt." He said, "take the blood of the lamb and apply in your door posts and lintels so that when destroyer comes and sees the blood, he may pass over your house." Israelites did the same thing and when destroyer came and saw the blood on door posts and lintels, he passed over their houses. So Israelite's firstborn were saved.

The same thing God wants to do with your life. God wants to preserve your life, your future, your health, your wealth and wants to give you a life full of peace, joy and happiness. If you think that your life is totally destroyed, you have no hope for future or no hope of any good thing, look to Jesus who can restore your life. Jesus who went to the cross and died as a sacrificial lamb and shed His precious blood for our redemption can deliver you from all evil. Apply His blood in your life and when you do this, the destroyer will pass over you and God will preserve you.

Standing in the Gap - Fasting prayer on 8th Dec.. 2015

As the Bible says in Ezekiel 22:30 "So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it." And also the Bible says in Numbers 16:48, "And he (Aaron) stood between the dead and the living; so the plague was stopped." We have fasting prayer every second Tuesday of each month. Our next fasting prayer meeting will be conducted on 16th Nov. 2015

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